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Note: Apple slices are currently out of stock

A delightful package with different mixes that your rabbit can enjoy!


Flower mix: 100 grams
Apple slices: 100 grams (Currently out of stock)
Vegetable mix: 100 grams
Tropical fruitmix: 100 grams
Plantain leaf: 100 grams
Birch leaf: 100 grams

On the product will be a briefly description of the beneficial effects and the composition of the mixes.

The above-mentioned dried products is an additional animal food and can be used well as a snack in between or as a reward. They can be given every day, but in moderation. The recommended amount of vegetables/herbs/flowers is 10 grams per kilo of body weight per day and fruit 5 grams. Note! Fruit contains fruit sugars, which can cause diarrhea. Build this up calmly if your rabbit is not used to this.

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